Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit
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You may qualify for $2120 in monthly personal care expenses for life.

The Aid and Attendance pension benefit was first made available in 1952. It was designed to help Veterans and/or their surviving spouses pay for costs incurred from receiving the aid of another person with personal/daily living activities such as ;eating, bathing, dressing, transporting. This includes receiving care from in-home caregivers,adult day care providers or while residing in assisted living, or skilled nursing facilities.

You may qualify even if you did not directly retire from the military or suffer injuries in the line of duty.

NBC-News Brian Williams reports on the Aid & Attendance Benefit

See If You Qualify Today!

Eligibility Requirements

There are three aspects of eligibility: Service, Medical and Financial.

  • You must be 65 years and older
  • You must be currently receiving and paying for assistance with your personal/daily living care, through In-Home Caregivers, Assisted Living, Skilled, Nursing and Adult Day Care.
  • The veteran must have served at least 90 consecutive days of active duty with at least one of those days during a time of war. World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War
  • The veteran must have received an honorable , general or medical discharge
  • Income level should be below $80,000. in cash assets EXCLUDING their home or vehicle. (This figure is merely a general rule of thumb based on approval history, however there are no set asset limits when it comes to the Aid & Attendance eligibility. The final decision is made by the VA reviewer case by case.)
  • Any Wartime Veteran with 90 days of active duty, 1 day beginning or ending during a period of War, is eligible to apply for the Aid & Attendance Improved Pension. A surviving spouse (marriage must have ended due to death of veteran) of a Wartime Veteran may also apply.
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    What You Could Receive

    The cost of assisted living, in home care providers and nursing homes can can be substantial. The Aid & Attendance Benefit could help defray these types of cost for qualified veterans and their surviving spouses.

  • Veteran and Spouse $2120 monthly
  • Single Veteran $1,788 monthly
  • Surviving Spouse $1,149 monthly
  • Veteran with sick spouse $1,406

  • The Aid & Attendance Benefit provides benefits for surviving spouses who require the regular attendance of another person to assist in at least two of the daily activities of living such as eating, bathing, dressing.

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    The Application Process


    • There are three aspects of eligibility: Service, Medical and Financial.
    • Discharge or Separation Documents (DD 214)
    • VA Form 21-22 if a Veteran's Service Organization or 21-22a if individual is acting as the claimant's representative
    • Form 21-4142: Authorization and Consent to Release Information to the Department of Veterans Affairs
    • Letter from the claimant's attending physician VDVA Form 10
    • Physician Statement, VA Form 21-2680 or Nursing Home Statement, VA Form 21-0779
    • Medical Expenses incurred, VA Form 21-8416
    • Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate (Surviving Spouses only)
    • Asset Information (bank account statements, etc.)
    • Verification of Income (social security award letter, and statements from pensions, IRAs, annuities, etc.)
    • Proof of Medical Premiums (Insurance Statements, Medication or Medical bills that are not reimbursed by Medicaid or Medicare)
    • Voided Check for Aid and Attendance Direct Deposit

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